This is the overly simple blog of activity on this project.

2013-11-12 - CMB

Susan Carter and I met with Dr. Franchino this morning to present him the idea. He is enthusiastic and sees no administrative barriers to success. If we can make it, we can use it as we wish to fund our club. He seemed genuinely interested in the project. We should keep him in the loop as we move forward.

2013-11-02 - CMB

Started this wiki and simple blog. Added the basic requirements and set up the folder share for the files. El and Jeremy are good to do voice over for RSA-style animation.

2013-10-29 - CMB

Presented core idea to Booster Club. They are also enthusiastic. Susan Carter will take an action to go to the school to see if this can be done.

2013-10-22 - CMB

Presented core idea to a few team members. Initial reaction was positive. So I started developing a presentation and specification. Those are posted on the team file share.

2013-10-12 - CMB

Initial idea generation. I got this idea on the way to a family gathering. On a long drive I was wondering how Star Trek could have a society without money. One thought I had was that food needed to be obtained at no cost. That lead me, eventually to robots. A field printing robot could be the first step to a fully automated robotic farming system.