"If it isn't broken, we'll fix it until it is."

Team 3042 is Eastview Cobalt from Eastivew High School, Minnesota. Originally competeing in High Tech Kids under a different name, they have been competeing in FRC since 2008.

Team MissionEdit

To inspire students to become leaders through engineering and the fun of FIRST robotics.

Team GoalsEdit

  • To develop leadership within all of our students.
  • To teach students skills neccessary to be successful in business and engineering careers.
  • To involve our team in the community and promote a sense of responsibility in our team members.
  • To focus on organization and communication to make our team more efficient and effective.
  • To put focus on the Engineering Design Process, and develop our team and build season around this process.
  • To promote student growth, the growth of the team, and to build the sense of accomplishment and morale within our team.
  • Raise funds to support our team and keep it self-sustained for many years to come.
  • To have fun and learn real-world skills


  • Prior to 2012, the team's name was The Eastview Constant.